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Losers and Badboys and Jerks, Oh My!


Losers and Badboys and Jerks, Oh My!
The other day, a guy friend of mine asked, "How come everywhere I look, I see a beautiful woman dating a guy who absolutely doesn't deserve her? He treats her badly, looks horrible and doesn't even care about her all that much. It's like being a decent person is the last thing I should do if I want to have a girlfriend. What's this about?"   I a...

Feline Fettish Soulmate


I'm Debbie, i love cats and i just want a soul mate!

The Most Important Kind of Love?


The Most Important Kind of Love?
“Love” is probably one of the hardest words to define. That being said, one tends to recognize it when one sees or feels it. According to, love is generally defined as “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” However, there are several other definitions of love that follow that entry. For our purposes, ...

Flirt to Win!


Step 1 - Choose a flirting style A communications researcher found there are different types of flirting: physical flirts aren't bashful about showing sexual attraction, polite flirts are more subdued, sincere flirts are straightforward about their romantic intentions, and playful flirts are more interested in the game than in scoring. Step 2...

It's Been Long Enough...Game On!


After a rough break-up or divorce, it’s not easy to get back in the game, so you may need some help. You Will Need * The ability to handle rejection * Memberships in various clubs * Free time * An online dating service (optional) Step 1: Determine that you're ready Figure out if you’re ready to date again. If you ca...

Top 5: Ways to Rekindle the Relationship


Top 5: Ways to Rekindle the Relationship
Thing gets stale: bread, potato chips, relationships . . . Thing gets flat: beer, soda, relationships . . . Unlike the other things, however, relationships can be freshened. Relationships can be renewed. The fire of romance enjoyed by a couple in the beginning of a courtship can be rekindled. The rekindling of love can happen in many ways, ...

Top 5: Double Dating Tips


Top 5: Double Dating Tips
I have been on my share of double dates. In fact, if there could be such thing as a professional double dater, I may be it. Pre and Post wedding, I have been frequently accompanied by my wife and some couple she and/or I like enough to spend an evening with. These dates are usually quite pleasant, a social marker of maturity and good fun. However,...

How to Have Children and Maintain a Healthy Relationship


How to Have Children and Maintain a Healthy Relationship
Having children can be tough on relationships. However much it may have been longed-for, a baby can change its parents lives overnight. Gone are lazy weekend mornings spent in bed, nights out together and impromptu sex in the living-room. In are sleepless nights, changing identities and lack of time. Children are wonderful gifts, but in the early y...
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