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Mom! Dad! You Horny Animals! Lock the Door!


What To Do If You Catch Your Parents Having Sex What To Do If You Catch Your Parents Having Sex: Dr Hannibal Lecter is a madman, but why? It's because he once caught his parents having sex- dirty, filthy sex. He developed some techniques to stop the horror, and shares them with you in this delightful film.Dr Hannibal Lecter is a madman, but why?...

Get Outside and Get It On...The Right Way


Doing the deed outdoors can really spice up your sex life. Just keep a few things in mind. You Will Need Easy-access clothing Sunscreen Insect repellent Silicone-based lubricant Consideration Step 1: Dress for sex-cess Wear clothes that you can easily take off — and put back on — if you plan to have sex outdoor...

Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?


Turn your lover on with words alone using these sex-speak techniques. You Will Need * Crude language * Compliments * Sexual fantasies * Porn movies (optional) Step 1: Be specific Replace vague murmurings like, “that feels so good” with explicit expressions of what is going on, what’s going to happen, or what you h...

How Loud is Your Lovemaking!


Getting vocal during sex isn't a crime "unless you live in England and the noises you make are so loud and disturbing, it "constitutes a statutory nuisance." Yesterday, an English judge upheld the conviction of 48-year-old Caroline Cartwright, whose aurally intrusive lovemaking got her banned from "making excessive noise" during sex anywhere in...

Patrick Swayze was a Hero To Both Sexes


Patrick Swayze was a Hero To Both Sexes
Patrick Swayze. What can I say? I can say he kicked butt in Red Dawn and Road House. I can say he was the MAN in Outsiders. I can say he provided good date movies with Dirty Dancing and Ghost. I can even say he showed his theatrical versatility with his role in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. But here is what needs to be said the m...
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