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Flirt to Win!


Step 1 - Choose a flirting style A communications researcher found there are different types of flirting: physical flirts aren't bashful about showing sexual attraction, polite flirts are more subdued, sincere flirts are straightforward about their romantic intentions, and playful flirts are more interested in the game than in scoring. Step 2...

Top 5: Double Dating Tips


Top 5: Double Dating Tips
I have been on my share of double dates. In fact, if there could be such thing as a professional double dater, I may be it. Pre and Post wedding, I have been frequently accompanied by my wife and some couple she and/or I like enough to spend an evening with. These dates are usually quite pleasant, a social marker of maturity and good fun. However,...

Online Dating: Red Flags Translated


 Online Dating: Red Flags Translated
You might already know to keep an eye out for the more blatant red flags such as lying, mood swings or excessive compliments. Here are a few more to add to the list of possible offenders. Red Flag #1: The obvious form letter I believe men are more guilty of this, because they (have to) send out far more initial contact letters. You can tell i...

Attraction in Morse Code


Some Native American tribes used smoke signals to share locations or warn of danger. You can use this communication system to secretly woo your crush. You Will Need * Fire * Grass, green sticks, or wet branches * Wet blanket * Code Step 1: Build the fire in a high place Build your fire in a high place so it is visible. ...
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